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eternal_scholar's Journal

The Eternal Scholar
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The Eternal Scholar,

For those who like their men older.

The Eternal scholar is a fanclub for the Character of Marius from the Vampire Chronicals by anne rice. This is a place to post your sim fic*, Fan art, actors you could see playing Marius, and just generic Marius glee.

so enjoy.

*sim fic: a Genre of writing in which no one who has made a lot of money's copyrights are infringed. fiction written by fans of above monied individual writing about characters that appear a lot alike the monied one's characters, but participate in slightly different activities and have different names.

Okay... every community's got to have it's rules.
1) Adult material behind a cut No matter what and Well labeled as adult material. (yes this goes for posting favorite excerpts as well)

2) We welcome Fiction written by fans, But as Anne has gone Nuclear on fan fiction we must insist that you not use her characters in your writing or this site will go bye bye.
2a) Please use the Lj cut if any fiction is over three paragraphs long. (3-4 paragraphs un-cut is tolerable more than that please cut after three) People will be browsing this site and don't neccessarily want to scroll forever.

3) Please do not post any work that is not your own without giving proper credit to the creators. Full Names (or whatever they are using) copyright dates and anywhere it's been published.

4) large images behind a cut please. Go to the LJ FAQ if you don't know how.