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Hello all,

I am vc_rpg's owner, and we are in bad need of new role players. There is a lot of characters that are newly up for grab, that is why I am currently posting this.

So, if you would like to join us, please don't be shy. Join vc_rpg_ooc and post about who you want to play and with which journal. We are not asking for experience in roleplaying, since it is only a game. All I ask for is to actually want to play the character.

The list I will provide are only suggestions. All characters from Vampire Chronicles and the Mayfair series are welcome. Those following are those I've been able to think about, but I probably forgot a lot of them. Don't be shy to suggest new ones. :)

I thought that since there is a lot of popular vampires that are up for grab.. some of you might be interested.

Vampire Chronicles:

* Daniel
* Flavius
* Merrick
* Quinn
* Nicolas de Lenfent
* Laurent
* Enkil
* Madeleine
* Memnoch
* Magnus
* Petronia
* Baby Jenk
* Eudoxia
* Benji
* Mael
* Avicus
* Santino
* Eric
* Felix
* Eugenie
* Celeste
* Estelle
* Santiago
* Thorne
* Manfred Blackwood
* Arion


* Mona
* Stella
* Micheal
* Mary Beth
* Suzanne
* Deborah
* Charlotte
* Jeanne Louise
* Angelique
* Marie Claudette
* Marguerite
* Katherine
* Carlotta
* Anthra
* Deirdre
* Lasher
* Morrigan
* Ashlar

Again.. Don't be shy to join.

And if this was forbidden, feel free to delete, and please accept my appologies.
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