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Hi! I'm vc_rpg's owner, and we are still in need of characters. I would like, very much, that one day, all the characters would be taken.

To join, go to vc_rpg_ooc and post about who you want to play, and with which journal ( a journal that would be created especially for the game ). Don't be shy, Louis de Pointe du Lac is newly free and up to take! If you want to have more chances to be taken, posting a little sample of the way that you write, or roleplay, would be appreciated.

We also accept original characters, if some of you are interest. You need to do as I said, post on vc_rpg_ooc saying who you want to play, with which journal, and post the story of your character. Once it will be done, we will all vote about if you get in or not :)

We still need...

* Louis
* Sybelle
* Benji
* Mael
* Avicus
* Maharet
* Mekare
* Magnus
* Santino
* Eric
* Felix
* Eugenie
* Celeste
* Estelle
* Santiago
* Thorne
* Manfred Blackwood
* Arion
* Memnoch


* Julien
* Micheal
* Mary Beth
* Suzanne
* Deborah
* Charlotte
* Jeanne Louise
* Angelique
* Marie Claudette
* Marguerite
* Katherine
* Carlotta
* Anthra
* Deirdre
* Lasher
* Morrigan
* Emaleth

Feel free to delete this if this was forbidden.
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